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Wood pellets ENplus A1
239 /t FCA  
Wholesale price
from €199 /t
Northway Baltic, SIA, LV
Wood pellets EN plus-A1 are available from a warehouse in Riga (Latvia, Europe) Delivery to Italy, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden is...
Second hand Original Scandinavia
Wholesale price
€0.70-0.90 /kg
Sebtex, SIA, LV
We offer original door 2 door and charity collected second hand stock. The clothes are unsorted and come in its original collected packaging (or...
380 /sq m EXW  
Wholesale price
€320-350 /sq m
Mount Forest, SIA, LV
Добрый день ! Наша компания занимается строительством каркаснo - панельных > домов *eco timber home* включая и такие проекты (на фото) ,...
Within the radius of 50 km from Antwerp
Acoustic plates / Matériaux en fibrolite
3.90 /pc DAP
Baltic Trade Group, SIA, LV, 42 km +1 ad
Acoustic plates/Matériaux en fibrolite GB388-25W, 25x600x600/1200/2400mm 1.5mm wool, white cement, chamfer 5/7/10mm, angle 45 degrees. 1.5mm wool...
Wood wool cemen board
3.70 /pc DAP
Baltic Trade Group, SIA, LV, 42 km +1 ad
Wood wool cement board GB1(300kg/m³ density) Low density plate. Main application: – Heat insulation; – Sound insulation, soundproofing; – Thermal,...
Helmet shockproof
25 /pc EXW
AIRIN, SIA, LV, 42 km
The helmet is designed to protect the head from impacts with heavy objects, metal rods, bottles, etc., as well as an open shingle. Preserves...
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