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Pallet board
1 /cu m DAP
Мрия, LLC, UA +1 ad
Hello, we are Ukrainian company. We are producing pine pallet boards 15*70/90*1000/1200 22*90/100*800/1000/1200 22*100*3000 Maybe you will be...
Fourchette pour imprimer les abeilles en nid d'abeille
9.99 /pc
Bee Worker, PE, UA +1 ad
La fourchette pour imprimer les nids d'abeilles des abeilles (le cultivateur pour décaper le nid d'abeilles) est conçue pour imprimer les cadres...
Kindling wood
1 /pc
Мрия, LLC, UA +1 ad
We are Ukrainian company. We are producing pine kindling wood Maybe you will be intertesting to work with us.
Drying cabinet for fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs
6,000 /pc EXW  
Wholesale price
€5,700-5,800 /pc
Термообробка, LLC, UA +5 ads
Inside, the drying cabinet is made of food sheet aluminum, insulated with foam plastic and sealed with silicone sealant. Exterior of the cabinet...
Thermally modified wood
20 /sq m EXW  
Wholesale price
€17-18 /sq m
Термообробка, LLC, UA +5 ads
I offer heat-treated wood. Thermoeasine, thermosens, thermosilver and other breeds of wood. Dimensions of thermomodified saw timber according to...
Attractions of any complexity
10,000 /pc
Attractions Factory, LLC, UA
We welcome the owners and managers of amusement parks! We are manufacturers of the most modern rooms of fear and other adventure attractions. Our...
Anfertigung und Verkauf von Sportbekleidung
70 /pc
Fiesta-soul, PE, UA
Die Firma "Fiesta-soul" für die Einzelanfertigung der Leotards für rhythmische Gymnastik, Anzüge für Eiskunstlauf, Akrobatik, Aero-Kickboxing,...
RUF breckets
110 /t EXW  
Wholesale price
€110 /t
Зиныч А.В., SP, UA
RUF bricket Made in Ukraine Location west Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, near EU border.
Rotary-cut veneer
340 /cu m
Мет Вуд, LLC, UA
The factory for the production of rotary-cut veneer, without intermediaries, sale rotary-cut veneer made of beech and birch (other types of trees...
Linseed oil and cake
800 /t
Херсон Зерно, PE, UA
Good day Our company from Ukraine produces and supplies linseed oil, we have successful experience with several Chinese companies selling linseed...
Apples fresh
Wholesale price
from €0.30 /kg
Гурей.груп, CJSC, UA
We are gardening company. We grow and supply apples that meet modern quality standards. We are open for partnership with various groups of...
Wheat flour premium (top, highest, high quality) grade/class
Price on request
Ертрейд, LLC, UA +7 ads
The premium (top, highest, high quality) flour is wheat flour, which consists of particles of endosperm, finely ground (0.1-0.2 mm), with...
Sell Wheat flour first grade/class
Price on request
Ертрейд, LLC, UA +7 ads
Wheat flour first grade/class is very popular among modern housewives. Its distinctive features include the presence of a small amount of ground...
Dry brewer's yeast
1 /t EXW
Dry brewer's yeast is a unique product that contains up to 40-55% of high-quality, complete, easily digestible protein, which includes 17...
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners for 7-11 mm belts
30 /m  
Wholesale price
from €28 /m
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
U45 Rivet Hinged Conveyor belt Fasteners is ideal for use on rubber-plied conveyor belts 7-11 mm, delivering performance and long life with easy...
130 /t FCA
Зверева Е.В., SP, UA
Fuel briquettes from natural oak sawdust (100% oak). According to the calorific value, 1 ton of oak briquettes will replace 5 cubic meters of...
Conveyor Belt Fasteners K27, K28
Price on request
Конвейер Сервис, LLC, UA +1 ad
For use in surface and underground mining, staples penetrate the fabric inlays in the conveyor belt without damaging the fibres. They ensure high...
70 /pc FCA  
Wholesale price
€65-55 /pc
AstroService, LLC, UA
We make coffins. Poplar white. Documents processing, transportation, cooperation on conditions FCA, long-term contracts. It is possible to produce...
Edged pine timber
Price on request
Черевко А.О., SP, UA
Good day! Our company is a direct manufacturer of lumber. We are located in Ukraine, Vinnitsa region We cut the pallet blank, timber,...
Price on request
Рассветовские Масла, LLC, UA +21 ads
Selling golden confectionary flax, available 3 containers, price 550 euro FCA, Odessa
Cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard
Price on request
Кербос, LLC, UA +1 ad
Cardboard packaging from Ukraine. Our company is engaged in the production of cardboard packaging from corrugated cardboard as well as the...
Beam, board, edged board
$1 /cu m FCA  
Wholesale price
$1 /cu m
RawExgroup, LLC, UA +1 ad
Our company successfully works in the market of production of lumber and woodworking. The main activities of the company is the production,...
Price on request
Рассветовские Масла, LLC, UA +21 ads
Cоmmodity: mink fat hereby state as the seller that we are ready, willing and able to sell the goods according to the terms and conditions stated...
Price on request
Agro Alliance, LLC, UA
LTD “Agro-Alliance”, founded in 2010, is one of the leading Ukrainian group for exports of grains, oilseeds and their derivatives. We suggest the...
Nous vendons du lin leger 1000 tonnes
Price on request
Симов Н.А., SP, UA
Nous vendons du lin leger 1000 tonnes selon les termes FAS, FOB, FCA. Qualite: humidite-7%, impurete des mauvaises herbes-1%, impuretes...
700 /pc EXW  
Wholesale price
€350-360 /pc
ТД Руд Экзост Систем, LLC, UA
Eine ausgezeichnete Lösung für ein Landhaus oder eine Villa. Baldachin Dachgewebe - Oxford Optional - Dronal. . Komplettsystem - e * w * h -...
Bog oak
12,000 /cu m FOB  
Wholesale price
€8,000-10,000 /cu m
Дгч Сириус, LLC, UA
Group companies resident in different countries with the joint employment has the ability to offer raw materials for further processing , namely...
Продаем брусок березы АВ
Price on request
Елемент, LLC, UA +3 ads
Производим брусок береза мебельная заготовка Сорт АВ Готовы рассмотреть ваши спецификации.
Пеллеты топливніе EN Plus A1 из сосны
Price on request
Бастион-импекс, LLC, UA
Пеллеты из сосны европейского качества в Биг-бегах и мешках 15кг. Зольность 0,6%. Высокое качество! Киев, Украина.
дрова для розжига Aanmaakhout
Price on request
Провекс, LLC, UA +1 ad
Производим дрова для розжига. Хвойные породы:сосна. Длина-18 см. Раскол:1-3 см. Влажность до 20%. Упаковка в сетки:3,4,6 кг. Производим 5 машин в...
Продажа угля Т марка (ТОМСШ)
Wholesale price
$88 /t
Cepital East, LLC, UA +4 ads
Продажа на экспорт уголь марки Т -ТОМСШ(0-50) на постоянной основе. Отгрузка FOB порт Новороссийск по 20тыс тон в месяц Показатели ; Влага...
Термомодификация дерева, оборудование, камера термообработки
13,500 /pc EXW
Термообробка, LLC, UA +5 ads
Термо модификация древесины происходит в насыщенной паровой среде при высоких температурах, которые изменяются и поддерживаются определенное время...
Производим деревянные бани, дома из дерева.
1,000 /sq m
Хольц Хауз, LLC, UA +4 ads
Производим деревянные бани, Из дикого сруба и оцилиндрованного бревна. Договор, качество, гарантии. Работаем по Европе и Странам Ближнего Востока.
Lumbers / пиломатериалы
Price on request
Вуд Лук, LLC, UA
We produce edged and unedged boards, kitchens and parquet elemets and lamella made of solid wood species. (espescially ash and oak) . Delivery...
Топливные брикеты Ruf
Price on request
Уніплит, LLC, UA
ООО «Униплит» (Украина, Ивано-франковская область) производит, реализует и экспортирует топливные брикеты Ruf. Приглашаем к...
Планка для яблучного ящика.
Wholesale price
from €185 /cu m FCA
Заволович О.П., SP, UA
Порода хвоя , размер 10/70/500,10/70/400, уголок 45/45/290,1-2 сорт , влажность до 20 %, производство от 300кубов в месяц, дисковое пиления
Промышленный обратный осмос
Price on request
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA +2 ads
Litech Aqua - системы обратного осмоса, которые разработаны с использованием 3D-моделирования и ПО для проектирования точных процессов. Наши...
Firewood Дрова Фасовка
0.16 /pc  
Wholesale price
€0.16-0.20 /pc
Вудпак, LLC, UA +2 ads
We manufacture our own firewood. Both needles and hardwoods. 1 kg price is 0.16 euro cents Packing 4,5,6,7-5 kg. We will work on your size. Size...
Продаем брус осины 95х95х2500мм свежепиленный
Price on request
Елемент, LLC, UA +3 ads
Продаем брус осины 95х95х2500мм/3000мм свежепиленный Сорт СС Производим 80-100м3 в месяц
Дрова колотые камерной сушки граб.
Price on request
Провекс, LLC, UA +1 ad
Производим дрова колотые камерной сушки. Порода древесины:граб. Длина полена:25-33 см. Раскол:7-15 см. Влажность-20%. Упаковка в ящик:1-2 RM.
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