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Offer charcoal from softwood. Packed in bags
Wholesale price
Бел-Домагус, FLLC, BY
Offer charcoal from softwood. Packed in a bag 325 euros per ton. Packaged in big bag 285 euros per ton. Productivity per month 250 tons.
Белвудмастер, LLC, BY
Производим и реализуем уголь древесный.. Объем около 280 тонн ежемесячно. Заключим контракт на 2019 год. We produce and sell charcoal .. The...
Wholesale price
ТЕА Транзит-Плюс, LLC, UA
We produce charcoal in compliance with all the requirements of production technology. Own production. Polypropylene bags of 13-15 kg. The carbon...
Holzkohle / Charcoal / Древесный уголь
Wholesale price
€295-320/t FCA
ВиваВуд, LLC, UA
Hartholzkohle, verpackt in einem Polypropylenbeutel von 14-18 kg. Laden des Aufliegers von 92 m3 - 105 m3, 1100 - 1300 Säcken, 17-20 Tonnen....
Древесный уголь
Wholesale price
from €270/pc
Фаер Карбо, LLC, UA
We sell charcoal in paper bags of 2,3,5 and 10 kg or barbecue boxes
Уголь древесный
Wholesale price
Экоуголь, LLC, BY
Concluding contracts for 2020 Our company offers charcoal of own production. Delivery up to 300 tons per month. The price in terms of FCA is 375...
350/t FCA
ClobalORO, LLC, BY
GlobalORO company produces and offers supply of wood charcoal made from softwood (pine, aspen) and hardwood (oak, hornbeam, birch). Production...
Within the radius of 50 km from Antwerp
Price on request
Ekoproduct, LLC, RU, 42 km
We are the largest producers of charcoal in the Central part of Russia (more than 5 thousand tons per year). Produce charcoal from own wood....
Charcoal (mixed/soft/hardwood)
Wholesale price
from €400/t FCA
ИнструментКонтрактПлюс, LLC, BY, 42 km
Our charcoal produced from hard/mixed/soft high quality wood. The pallets can be packed with plastic wrap. It is possible to pack in customer...
Wood charcoal for BBQ
Price on request
Вивавуд, LLC, UA, 42 km
Our company offers wood charcoal (hardwood and mixed wood) in 14-18 kg polypropylene bags. We can load 92-120 m3 trucks, it is nearly 17-22 tons...
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