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Extruder ES-40 (380V / 220V)
Extruder ES-40 (380V / 220V) - фото 1 Extruder ES-40 (380V / 220V) - фото 2
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Extruder ES-40 (380V / 220V)

2 000 /штука
Условия поставки: EXW Новосибирск
Бекетов Георгий Алексеевич
директор представительства
на Флагма с 20 сентября 2017


We offer extruder models with capacities ranging from 40 to 1400 kg per hour.
This extruder is an industrial solution for the manufacture of extruded fodder by small farms with a population of up to 50-80 units, private farms, fodder producers, and other persons with limited financial capabilities, but exacting to the quality of equipment and feed.

Technical characteristics of the Extruder ES-40M
Name Characteristics
Productivity, kg / h -30 - 40
Power consumption, kW - 3.00
Power supply, V-380
Weight, kg 150.00

Country of origin - Russia, Novosibirsk.
The company "A-Engineering"
Extruders are designed for the production of effective feed from grain crops, waste grain, soybean, with the addition of various additives (straw, chaff, meat and bone meal, slaughterhouse waste, etc.). After processing on an extruder, our customers receive high-quality feed, even processing wet grain unsuitable for storage, sunken grain, grain waste with a high content of weed seeds.

The life of the screw part is 8-15 times higher. than many manufacturers. The resource of the screw part of our extruder is up to 40 tons. Such a good resource is achieved due to a number of factors:

A massive screw and body (screw diameter is 59 mm, the total length of the assembled screw is 300 mm), a large metal consumption allows to significantly increase the wear time.

The extruder is fully assembled and tested. You get an extruder assembled, tested at our factory. In the closet installed on each email. motor circuit breaker and thermal relay to protect motors against overloads and failure.

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на Флагма с 20 сентября 2017
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Бекетов Георгий Алексеевич
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