Grapefruit Rio Red
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Grapefruit Rio Red

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от 0.70 /килограмм, мин. 20000 кг
Условия поставки: CIF
Морель Елена
менеджер категории
,  Антакья, TR
на Флагма с 31 октября 2019


Grapefruits Rio Red

Fruit Features:
Origin: Turkey
Size: large
Rind: slightly pebbled surface, not easy peelable
Flesh: juicy and well-pigmented, with the darkest color next to the segment membranes
Juice Content: %38,40
Seeds: few seeds
Color: yellow color with reddish tones

Storage features:
Temperature: +2 C
Humidity: 85-90%
Shelf life subject to the regime: up to 2 months from production date

Season: January-May

MOQ – 1 truck / 1 container
* wide range of packaging solutions
* certificates of quality and phytosanitary
* compliance with all necessary storage and transportation conditions
* pack of documents for export
* delivery anywhere in the world
* payment terms – negotiable.

If you are interested - contact us for a quotation.
We will give you the best price according to your requirements.

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,  Антакья, TR
на Флагма с 31 октября 2019

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